Marijuana: The Gift and the Curse

The gift and a curse, the good and the bad. Let’s break it down, I’m talking about Mary Jane, maybe sensimilla, no it’s the green I speak of, the chronic, the kush, the devil’s lettuce, the wacky tabacky, the northern lights, cheeba, marley… a friend of mine calls it chopsticks.

Marijuana is a psychoactive herb that comes from the hemp plant; I describe it as a gift and a curse. Cannabis sativa is often consumed for its euphoric and psychological effects, which includes unexplainable joy (the I-just-dey hapi feeling), relaxation and increase in appetite.

Other effects would include a decrease in short term memory, dry mouth, paranoia etc. It’s the world’s number one gateway drug, meaning that it’s the welcome committee to the drug universe. You start with weed, then you need meth, then you find ‘ecstasy’, then you start taking pills using the purple drank to wash down, then heroin, then cocaine, the journey never ends. If you a user you probably nodding now.


Marijuana could really change your personality, In large amounts it cuts your connections with the outside world, you mentally draw out a complex for yourself, I have seen stoned individuals talking about the strangest stuff but then again it’s fact that it inspires, it’s a norm in the entertainment industry, apart from that do you know how many songs are themed after “marijuana”, I really can’t count.

Every “puff puff pass” brings joy, happiness, wild imaginations, quenched emotions and some will claim it gives good sex! So, Mary Jane’s lovers all over the world keep screaming “legalize it!” Doctors use it, it makes people happy, so why not? Besides, no one would have to commit any crime trying to baby-sit Mary Jane across borders. But hey, stop nodding… Think about it for a minute, Cannabis Sativa gives you joy yeah? but for how long? When the strange clouds leave, you are the same you – with the same emotions you had before ‘the high’, hence you come crawling back for more. Also the neurological disadvantage is alarming.

You discover that you continually stare at the TV, you continually become paranoid, then hallucinations, then you neglect your well-being and mentally you start to lose it, you become addicted, you start to lose cash and you search for a ‘joint’ every time you need to be happy.
This drug is supposed to help you to escape life’s stress, not to escape life entirely! Easy on the skywalker.

This drug actually has subjective effects on users, I have seen first timers snap at first few puffs, but to some others it was leisure, a nerve calmer. Just like Jekyll and hide, ‘kush’ is either extremely evil or wonderfully good and what is good can seem evil and what is evil is excellent at looking good… so take a measure and ask yourself, HOW MUCH YOU WANT IT…


John Iyoha

God’s wordsmith

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