The Unavoidable Call

What’s this life about? Enlighten me… The thrill? Maybe! Or the achievement of greatness, or maybe to while away time on earth (till you ain’t feeling it no more)? If you’re Nigerian, you must have heard the catchy but false phrase “life na jeje“. False? Yes false. Think about it, from the day we take our first baby steps, life becomes a race! There are always laid down standards we have to meet at every stage of our existence.

So, do we have the luxury of ‘taking things slow’? I personally don’t think so. “Are you saying I should live in a rush?” That must be the question running through your mind now. Be still, I’m just saying, that if at this time, and at this age (18+) you haven’t pictured your purpose, then you need THE CALL. Not the proverbial religious call, this one is the “call of duty”.

My generation is running late, let me explain; the old folks do tell us tales of how their lives kicked off in their early teens, how they supported their families, how they didn’t have to ask their parents for the basics, the independence they had, the ambition. In typical cases their drive was propelled by the strains poverty caused their childhood. They were sent to live with Uncles and Aunts and trust African relatives to give you drama, eventually they had to leave to find a future. Some even started school at 15, not university, secondary school; University was for adults in their time.

The advantage then was that there was reward for their hustle, the country was experiencing Her oil boom, and for a graduate, life was blissful but the hustle sure wasn’t cheap, not in the slightest. The former generation excelled at an early age, but we, we keep success for later, it’s hard to imagine why.

My generation is running late; yes I said it before, don’t mind if I emphasize. Self-examine right now, ask yourself – “In this life, what have I achieved that is noteworthy?” You have probably spent over two decades on this surface, and you maybe haven’t done squat in your life, you are waiting to finish school, or to get married, then get serious with life. We forget that soldiers don’t practice on the battlefield.

There’s a talent you know you obviously have, it’s so obvious that even your neighbours know, but you have insisted on not keeping it dormant because your parents are always there to provide or because laziness has now become your Delilah.

It all comes down to the fact that a host of us are not ready to leave our comfort zones, not for anything. Some of us don’t even care if that talent decays. Now, Its sure easy to complain or disagree with my every point, and blame your parents for not encouraging you, or government, for not providing the best environment for you to flourish, but then again its your life, and if you continue to tread easy you just might end up on the shelf.

I can write, you can do a sport, you love to sing, you can dance, you love to talk, you love to bake, you love to DJ, you love to sew, some of us can even script-write but we refuse to develop any of these, why? Probably because you think your university degree is sufficient, but remember that these are economically unpredictable times, so a well-developed skill could save your life when/if unemployment sets in.

This is my message for you, yes, you!, start something today, not tomorrow! Today!!! I’m not talking major stuff here, if you can sing, today, write a song, if you can script write, today, write a play, and never let those 24hours go without doing anything.

They say if you want to live a great life on this planet, plan it
Life is once, make it epic

John Iyoha

God’s wordsmith

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