Blue Dandelions #2

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Naomi, the head cook was having a hard time fixing chicken soup, spaghetti and chocolate cake from scratch as the pantry had run out; there were no prior plans for dinner. The mistress rarely ever had dinner. But today, she had wrung out an invitation out of the blues and the gentleman with his sisters had accepted. The other cooks thought today to be a good day to run off and scout town with men from the travelling circus.

“Sit Tim and you will get a cookie” Naomi says in an attempt to quieten her 4 year old boy. He takes the cookie from her and makes a dash for the patio where the mistress and her guests are having tea. Exasperated, Naomi runs after her kid, as a thought comes to mind. ‘He takes after his father; unable to sit still. Little wonder he ran off with the blond bi…’ Her Godly nature won’t even allow her swear in the privacy of her own thoughts.

The sight of a chubby woman running behind a little child, looking very pleased with himself as he held his cookie stretched out in his left hand, momentarily ground conversation to a halt. John reaches out for the kid in a bid to save him from the woman who looked like she had plans for the boy’s buttocks with her soup spoon. The boy happily runs into John’s safe embrace.

“Miss S-st-tone, m-my apologies”, Naomi stutters, with her face crimson from embarrassment. Sally, who loves Tim and dotes on the boy, took no offence. She would rather have been surprised if Tim didn’t come to pay her guests a visit. John and the boy had struck some sort of conversation, much to his mother’s displeasure. “Naomi you can go back, we can handle Tim” Sally says heartily without taking a look at Naomi. She somehow enjoyed the weird conversation between the little boy and John.

The rest of the evening was rather uneventful. Dinner was served and eaten. Dessert was sumptuous. John commended Naomi, all the while making it seem like her cooking would have saved the lives of some of his fellow comrades during the war. Seeing as the guests were pleased with their dinner, Naomi’s cheeks were full of satisfaction as she felt less guilty for Tim’s behavior.

The girls were chattering excitedly over the gift boxes Sally handed them. Maggie and Manda were strikingly beautiful. Young girls, a little too beautiful some would think they had platinum blond hair, full bosom and voices to make the sirens jealous; cause men didn’t fight jumping, at their voices. “The circus has extended their stay for another month, I haven’t had time to visit, do you mind going with me?” John asked Sally on the walk back to the car. Sally, grateful for the chance to step out, have some fun after a time of supposed ‘mourning’, smiled and answered, “No I don’t mind. I’d love to go with you”. She may even throw on some colours for a change. Be daring and dress in gray.

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