Ghostbusters: It Doesn’t Have to Make Sense

Coming from a movie that broke the record for most disliked trailer on YouTube, this was shockingly likeable. In fact, this movie would never have come to life if not for the resilience of Sony’s production team.

From the get-go, everything was against this reboot. There were various online campaigns to stop Paul Feig and his team from shooting what the Ghostbusters fandom considered to be a “feminist campaign”. No movie had suffered this kind of inexplicable hate before its release. Prejudged by fans, they called it “forcibly funny”, “a disgrace to the original flick”, “a gimmick”… all this based on a trailer; it was disqualified before it was released. Now all that really piqued my interest, I needed to give reason to the rhyme.

I have never been this positively disappointed, from the very first minute to the last, this movie was rivetingly humourous. Paul Feig is keeping it consistent with previous works such as “The Heat” and more recently, “Spy”. The plot breakdown and scene flow was beautiful; every scene was a happy gateway to the next one. The paranormal never brought more joy.

Initially, the cast of this movie had me doubting, but in all truth, even the Justice League don’t blend this perfectly. The synergy, the chemistry! Melissa McCarthy, Kristen Wiig, Kate McKinnon and the beautiful Leslie Jones; these four women made up the Ghostbusters team. Wait! Wait! Yes, the god of thunder, Chris Hemsworth was present as well. Hemsworth was given a role many would have thought impossible for the Australian screen idol to pull, but he owned it like a pro.

The gist of this Movie is on how Dr. Erin Gilbert (Kristen Wiig) reunites with her childhood friend and paranormal scientist, Dr. Abby Yates who now fiddles fruitlessly with Ghost Science with the very eccentric Kate McKinnon, who plays the mad genius Dr. Julian Holtzman. Coinciding with their meeting is the first of many ghost appearances. After much ado, they team up. Patty Tolan (Leslie Jones) joins the team by desire, and Kevin Beckman (Chris Hemsworth) plays the dashing but dimwitted receptionist. The rest of the story is screams, laughs and shouts

Every seen and unseen flaw in this motion picture can be explained in the next statement:

This is a movie detailing the meta-physical experiences of a squad of scientists who are battling against an unproven and unscientific phenomenon – ghosts.

So before you go around spitting critical venom, remember this – it’s a Ghost Movie. Most of it doesn’t make sense because it wasn’t meant to, it was meant to be fun and enjoyable, and yes it was.

My only flaw with this Movie is the fact that the only black woman in the Ghostbusters team is intentionally portrayed as “not smart”; yes I believe in Black Excellence.

Critical Score: 8/10


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