The Haunter and the Haunted #1

The Haunter and the Haunted #4

About a kilometer from the last tarred road, in the east-end of the Green County, were the dreaded woods. Why dreaded? One might ask… Well, no one really knows… Except for the usual tales about the woods, told to scare stubborn kids. Tonight, sweet-smelling rain washed away the thick darkness and the sky shimmered with lone stars. The woods were a sight for sore eyes during daylight but now, its beauty had waned away as everything slept even the wind. The smudgy illumination of the lamppost donated by the County Catholic Community was all there was to see.

The supposed peace was suddenly interrupted by two strange lights; like the fiery eyes of a dragon speeding down the rugged path. They turned out to be headlights as a Toyota truck appeared and came to an abrupt stop. A blurry slender figure came out of the driver’s door. The trunk of the car popped open and another figure emerged. Noisily, two pairs of boots marched on dead plant, sending some scavenging reptiles scouring to their holes. In the darkness, an almost inaudible male voice pleaded, “oh please, I apologise for making a fuss. Do not hurt me. I’ve been in the trunk for over an hour, I’m exhausted and can’t see either. Keeping up with you is difficult. Please, have mercy!” The driver of the truck was unmoved and pushed the man further into the woods. Laughing cynically, the driver whispered in a crooked voice, “you know Dave, I love the dark. Whenever the twilight fades into blackness, it lights a fire in my guts. And yea, I don’t give a damn about you. Well, you will be long dead by the time my conscience returns. Hahaha.”

Getting to a small gathering of shrubs, the slender bully pulled the mask off Dave’s face and pointed a shotgun at him. Dave, a handsome man in his late thirties was covered in dirt and blood. Summoning courage, he yelled, “Somebody, help!” Understanding his helpless situation, he continued, “I’m happy you took off the mask, I never suspected you. I mean… You are this belligerent!? Well, I want you to look me in the ey…” And the shotgun went off, blowing a hole in Dave’s upper chest region and his lifeless body fell to the ground. The brilliant beautiful eyes of the killer came alive in excitement, rage and satisfaction. “Oh Dave, don’t worry… At least, now you get to look your creator in the eye”, the killer said sarcastically walking back to the automobile.

Morning came at last, bright and beautiful but with underlying traits of gloom. The wailing sirens of police cars coming from the woods, made the residents of the once peaceful Green County shrivel in fear and anticipation. Sheriff Matt with his friend, officer Graham were busy inspecting the crime scene. They both appeared tired and weary. Trying to make conversation, officer Graham began, “man, you know this is really beginning to scare. The last time, we found the body at the local mall, now it’s here. Honestly, I’m getting worked up.” Sheriff Matt, a portentous man in his early 50s, a retired army captain, looked to the sky and responded, “I can’t lose hope yet. I just don’t get it though, you know. Most killers leave a trail behind eventually; I mean, at least something. But this is different, the fourth murder in three weeks and still, we’re no way close. We’ve got no suspects nor clues. We’ve got nothing, geez!” Looking at his friend, Graham suggested, “I’ve got an idea but you’re not going to like it. This is our town and we’ve got to protect it. I think it’s time to call him.” Opening his mouth to voice opposition but thinking twice, Matt exhaled sharply and babbled slowly,” ok, I guess it’s that time. Hmm… But you’re going to make that call. I can’t stand his ostentatiousness.”

Meanwhile, about 20 miles away, a young athletic built man sat in a small dark room. His eyes shut, mouth singing silence and hands on his head. He was lost in thought or so one believed until his phone rang. Hesitantly, he scrambled for it. “Yes”, he answered coldly. On the other end was the husky voice of officer Graham, “Hey Max! It’s time to come out of the shadows. We’ve got a job for you.”


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