POETRY: Kidnapped

POETRY: Kidnapped

I woke up today tied as always,
You were supposed to be like everyone else,
Just to come and go,
But instead you stayed,
Making me comfortable with you,
Then you captured me with emotions,
Made me fall and hit the floor,
When I woke up I was in too deep,
Weren’t you suppose to break my heart?
Weren’t you suppose to leave me?
Make up your mind,
Do it already!
Kill me, don’t kiss me,
Let me die don’t resuscitate me,
This love is torture,
It cuts too deep,
I bleed intensely but you administer drips,
It eats me up and when I think this is it,
This is when I fall apart,
That the time is here,
My heart’s about to be torn apart
You become nice to me,
The anxiety is killing me,
But every time I get the opportunity to escape I don’t and when I get the will to run you got me ¬†tripping all over again
But the pain is pleasure
It fvcks with my brain making me confess all my secrets
Things I swore I would never say,
I betray myself when you look into my eyes
I find myself speaking the opposite of lies
Truth is, the only person I would have called for help was you,
But its you I need help with,
Are you here to stay,
Or history’s repeated tale,
This is real pain,
Just tell me already,
What is your gain?

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