POETRY: A Thousand Quills

POETRY: A Thousand Quills

What travesty it’d be that in a sudden,

A flying creäture of myth devolves to a beast of burden.

Yes! the Pegasus is what I peg as us,

Coursing through the clouds with each feather a thousand quills,

Fueled by the expression of thoughts,

Imaginations & how we feel.

Each quill in its own right,

pushing from left to right,

to write

As part of a rite.

A domino effect from one to the next.

A Mexican wave starting from feathers till its flapping of wings.

The liberation & freedom from the words we speak and write,

the words grant us flight.

But in moments like now,

the chain is broken,

the force of the wave is stolen

with most in sight afraid of what a show of insight would incite,

the feathers quiver…then the feathers wither.

With each voice forfeited we’ve become four-feeted.

the form we take is a horse’s,

And so society fails,

reeling in noisy pain for it has lost its route.

some naysaying (neigh-saying),

others away praying for some direction or truth from the horse’s mouth.

But no single authority can help we all must rise from this hole.

So I pray to society as individuals and a whole, resurrect the vox populi.

Seize what was yours once, truly.

To right these wrongs, you must write.

To silence the noise, you must speak.

To soar above this path, you must with each and every voice act.

And witness the truest change it brings,

When you let your words give you wings.

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