Welcome to the 3rd Eye: A short Film

On a particular day, in a particular year, this particular idea was conceived by 3 strangely hooded Deviants. They were so named deviants because their mentally languishing World had cast them out to wander through the Cosmos, why? They were the last of a dying breed, they saw different, so they rebelled against the system.

Our story begins in the Northern Hemisphere of Mars, in the quadrant where the day was dark, the Night was darker and immigrants were called Hackers; Mother Nature was having a tantrum. Our outlandish trio wandered through the Eclipse Desert for many dark days till they met a deserter by name Rango.

The desert traveller rode a Chariot of Unicorns; they were surely in uncharted territory now. On that chariot, they journeyed from the Arid Lands to the undulating planes of Macabre.

Their story took a fortuitous turn as they encountered the Mistress of the Macabre Mountains. The mountain dwellers called her Obin. She was voluptuous and radiant, reminding them of a certain Kim Kardashian, but with brains.
She held a dragon whip on one hand and a skywalker on the other. Mistress Obin in a fit of irreconcilable ecstasy and Martian music in the background welcomed them… “May the force be with you”, she exclaimed in a needlessly high pitched voice.
“Be not perturbed, this is Macabre, we treat Hackers not so bad”

With their hoods down, they narrated to her their ordeal. She was responsive to their plight, and pointing them in the direction of a cave at the bedrock of Macabre, Obin said “Go see Foresyte”.

The cave – pre-historic, pristine, had the aura of a deity. In reverential fear, they approached
Smokes and Mirrors, bones and crystals… in the midst of all these theatrics was a white flame, then a big bang. Like a Phoenix, Foresyte, clothed in dragon skin, arose from the ash that the fire wrought. The Deviants were in awe of the Diviner.

Nothing they had imagined prepared them for the sight that now held them spellbound. Their deepest thoughts brought to the light. Their unspoken words and wishes of their hearts embellished with such art, they could not help but marvel. The Epiphany happened.

Their eyes closed, their minds opened.
Holding hands with the Deviants, Foresyte took them on a trans-dimensional Journey through time. From the Garden that the snake wrecked to the dawn of the Nephilim, from the sole Boat that sailed the great flood to the Sea that the rod split, from the 300 of Gideon to the left hand of Ehud, from the Sling of David to the Bosom of the Ebony Queen of Sheba, from the Dynasties that grew in the Far East to whispers of the god-King Nebuchadnezzar, from the immaculate birth to the predestined death.

Their minds had never been this enlightened; even with their eyes shut they could see more than ever.
Then they arrived the Present, and in that time the World was in turmoil, the Oil wells had dried, religion had failed, Kanye had lost his relevance, North Korea had done a reboot of the Holocaust, Prince Charles was still Prince.

The Apocalypse had taken a slow start and Donald Trump had become the Despot Leader of the United States; it was his 30th year in Office, it was said that he had discovered the fountain of youth somewhere in Mexico. So to him, none could say Valar Morghulis.


In Horror, they awoke from this Trans, they had seen enough. Then Foresyte spoke these words:
“Figure it therefore that there are things which Mortal Man cannot comprehend, and yet they be; that we lay hold on things that others cannot? But there are things now and before which must not be contemplate by the eyes of the simple… Are you ready?

“I don’t need your future, I need your past… You Deviants are to go back 30 years before today and start a series of events that will change the future”

In a roar of Spartan Righteousness, Foresyte closed the induction:
“Masters of the Hieroglyphs! Custodians of Time! The Last of a Dying breed!”

“Ooh great Foresyte, send us!!!” They howled. Hands clasped in a circle, the cave trembling, the crystals on the ground beaming with holy energy, time travel was set.

Foresyte said these words:
“Deviants of the lost World, behold, the 3rd Eye”


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