Blue Dandelions #6

Blue Dandelions #6

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“Dearly beloved we are gathered on this day, to witness the solemnization of holy matrimony of our children Sally and John….” Those were the opening words of the head pastor of the only church in sugarplum, at the garden of lilies where Sally was to be wed. Dressed in her mother’s pearls and satin layered with lace, her hands clutching a bouquet of home grown dandelions John handpicked that morning. What’s better than the flower that gives you wishes when you puff its fluff?

The months preceding this day of glee; had been filled with whirlwind romance; flowers given, kisses stolen, and heart won. John had been ‘perfect’.  He smiled the right smile in the right way, he knew how to walk and talk to make Sally’s inside turn out. Once bitten, twice leery should have described Sally, but she was smitten by charm.

John glanced at his mother who was grinning ear to ear. She was more proud of how the wedding looked perfect than her son was getting married.

His mother was all for appearances and putting up the perfect family front. But John didn’t care about any of that; he was wedding the love of his life and that was all that mattered to him. He gave himself a proverbial pat on the back on how he had proposed; he had surprised and caught Sally off guard. He wasn’t much for showing emotions in front of other people, so she had been taken aback when he had popped the question—more like spread the question. Sally you make me whole, marry me… spelt out in her favorite flower, in the church lawn had her running to his arms, permanently.

 “Does anyone object as to why these two should not be joined as man and wife?”

Lightning strikes, thunder rumbles. “Is God trying to say something” the head pastor jokes; everyone is laughing except Sally. The memory of last night’s dream has her shuddering.

 She was the 12-year-old Sally all over again, helping her wounded and crying mother into the house after her father had fallen asleep, in his drunken state he had kicked her out of the house, into the rain but after giving her a thorough beating. The grounds were flooded, so they couldn’t see the twines creeping towards them. They were soon captives to the twines; as Sally and her mother’s leg were tightly bound by the same twine. She had woken with dread but the excitement of wedding mornings soon made her forget, the smirk her mother had worn in the dream; her lips thinned in utter disdain. But the words spoken next made Sally flinch, hurting more than the twine. “This daughter of mine who has become who she loathes”

Sally snapped out of her thoughts to see all eyes on her, she had missed the pastor’s question but he asked again; “Do you Sally Madeline Stone take this man before God and man to be your lawfully wedded husband, to love and hold till death do you part?” Ignoring her mother’s voice, she responds smiling; “Yes, I do”.

Heat and desired is flared up in John as Sally’s fingers touches his to slide the ring on. His face turns red and he feels like a schoolboy and not the man getting wed. He had had her two nights ago as she had refused to see him last night, apparently it was bad luck to see the bride that close to the wedding. “You may kiss the bride” was all the prompting John needed to taste Sally, and she did not disappoint; with passion matching his, she tasted like cherries.


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