The Haunter and the Haunted #4

The Haunter and the Haunted #4

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Chapter 4: In the dark

Later that day…

Although, a pitch-black night, shadows of people paced about. Earlier today, the Mayor had pleaded with citizens to cooperate with the curfew. So, just the uniformed men enjoyed the luxury of unrestricted movement. A police car at the far end of Dino Avenue stood out in particular. Old country music blasted from the car speakers as its young occupants chattered away. Charles 20, in the noisy calm, thinking about his appointment later tonight smiled mischievously. Sighing, he said to his colleague Peter, “bro, I hate this routine. For about a week now, there’s been no murders. You heard about the new guy, yea?” Coolly, Peter replied, “I feel you man. One could go crazy, you know. It’s boring now. Well, it’s our job and we’ve got to do it. Thank God for music. Hehehehe. Yea, I heard about him but it seems his presence here is hushed.” “You couldn’t be more right. There’s something weird about him. If you ask me, I think the killer ran away when he arrived. Hehehehe.”, Charles added gleefully. After a quick glance at his watch, he continued,” Pete, I told you about my appointment. It’s time. I gotta roll! Will give you the details later. Night bro.”

One could say the darkness intensified as Charles walked towards his rendezvous point. He moved quietly and sharply as someone used to the vicinity. All of a sudden, he noticed someone behind him. Fear gripped him as he reached for his flashlight while his other hand landed on his sidearm. Pointing the light as his stalker, he heaved a sigh of relief and said, “oh it’s you. I was headed there. Come on, let’s go in…” An hour later, a restless figure in the dark whispered silently, “so they believe the killer might be a woman? This is really good for us. Before my end comes, these monsters must be taken down.”

Morning arrived, accompanied by bright rays of sunshine. Stealthily, they penetrated the windows to Max’s suite, illuminating the dark room. Like a man overdosed on adrenaline, Max flew from his giant bed with an aggressive cry. Taking a seat to support himself, he whispered in anger,” last night was just the beginning. It won’t be long now. Our work here is almost done. I can’t wait!” His cogitation was however short-lived as his phone rang. Hastily, he answered, “hello Graham!” Forgetting or not in the mood for pleasantries, Graham said in a grave voice, “good! You’re up! We need to see you now!! It’s very urgent.” “Hey! Take it easy! I’m afraid that can’t work. I just got out of bed. I need to freshen up and do some stuff. What’s the urg—” Max responded as his caller cut him off, “It’s happened again! There’s been another murder. We need you to take a look at the crime scene. I already sent someone to pick you. See you soon.” Max’s hands trembled as he dropped the phone.

The mood at Charles’ apartment was one of loud whispers and silent outbursts of emotions. His lifeless body was put in a body bag and carried out slowly. In the building corridor, stood Matt and Graham arguing. “I told you this guy was no good. He’s there feeding us his theories while a maniac is here terrorizing my town”, Matt blasted. Too upset to shout down his oldest friend, Graham simply sighed and took some steps away. Few minutes later, a police car pulled up and Max stepped out. Spotting him, Graham got on his radio telling the officers to leave the apartment. After shaking hands with Graham, Max walked upstairs with Matt groaning behind him. Stepping inside the apartment, he asked, “what happened here?” “Someone died! You hear!” Matt fired. Looking at him as if to calm him down, Graham answered,” A police officer was murdered here. His maid found his body this morning by the balcony. He was stabbed multiple times in his back. No one knows squat!” After thinking for a while, Max replied,” well, this isn’t strange but this is not our killer’s m.o. The killer leaves the bodies in the open. He loves Nature. So this seems like a copycat. Furthermore, what I see here says a lot. Two cups of coffee, one empty, the other, filled. This killer was a friend or someone he knew. Also, he turned his back to the killer which shows trust… This is really weird!”

Getting up from his seat, Matt shouted, “there you go again! We didn’t call you here to preach. Give us answers!” Ignoring him completely, Max added, “there’s something I want to know. Did any of you tell anyone of my work here? hmmm?” Graham nodded in the negative. Matt pretended not to have heard the question and proceeded to leave. “Matt!”, Graham yelled. “Well, you know I hang out in the bar at night. I remember meeting Charles and some others there some days ago. I must’ve had a few drinks too many. I think I spilled everything to them.” Angrily, Max marched to the door, turned back and said, “you just killed the poor kid. It’s possible someone wanted info and killed him after getting it. I’m leaving the county. I might be in danger too.” He stormed out of the building, completely ignoring Graham’s loud pleas. On the pavement now, trying to hail a cab, a Cadillac abruptly halted by him. Smiling, he greeted, “Hello Bridget!” Placing her round piercing eyes on his, she responded, “just the man I wanted to see. We’ve got some things to discuss concerning your safety.”


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