Jay said write . . .

Jay said write . . .

This is my rant. That we all have a voice and we all deserve to be heard. This is my rant. That we rant—together.

I think there’s a runs girl in every one of us. We sell our votes, rights, dignities, voices. The difference is that what they sell is more tangible. No, I don’t support prostitution. Everybody that has ever been created and walked on this earth is a diamond; better still, a Nigerian party Jollof rice with dodo and should not be treated less. You’re probably expecting the typical white rice comparison but prostitution, highly paid clients or not, is less than white rice.

This article was supposed to be me trying to start a “get off the streets” campaign but man! I just think its deeper than the skin they show or the makeup they wear—there’s a runs girl in each of us, I insist!

You know that moment when we sell our virtue for attention, drop our standards for recognition? I must sound too serious. Okay, how about when we fail to tell that person that hurts us or controls us to stop simply because we’ve chosen to “manage” the fringe benefits? Or the lady that doesn’t speak up when her guy beats her just because she’s living the life? And even you that holds your breath when your step-mom raises her voice at you because you don’t have anywhere else to go. Let me even add listening to that “gratifying” song even if it robs you off your sound mind; okay o. Yes, you. Yes, me. We may all have different reasons for selling out but the one thing we have in common is that we have thrown our pearls to swines, whatever those pearls be.

My runs girl’s uniform might be different from yours sha. Some of us adorn our war paints. Some of us hide beneath our plain faces. Prostitutes (yes, I call them that), are like the rest of us—human. I don’t see any reason why we should turn our noses and try to generate our own oxygen when they are mentioned. There’s a runs girl in all of us. You can say I’m lying. The question now is – where do we stop? Selling out, I mean. I say we stop now. Not before it’s too late but now.

Preciousness lies in our ability to hold ourselves in high esteem. Let’s live on a cloud too high up to be bought. When we say ‘not my body’ let’s include everything else because just like runs girls, we’re more than just our bodies.

My name is Ekemini Jane and I wrote this

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