“Mechanic: Resurrection” Review—More of the Same


Examples abound of movie studios producing sequels that nobody clamoured for, it could be likened to a forced encore; just another cash grab. In 2011, we entered the Arthur Bishop (Jason Statham) universe and like every Statham performance it was thrilling to say the least. Infused with bloody fight rounds, inconceivable gun routines and that suave Anglo-American accent; the movie was well received by audience and critics alike. Since then, Jason Statham has done near a dozen movies that look exactly like The Mechanic and here lies the needlessness of the sequel, Mechanic: Resurrection

The movie serenades like a bland rendition at the opera, only sustained by Mr. Statham’s unparalleled moves. The Mechanic by design is a super-skilled assassin who makes his killings look accidental; German Director Dennis Gansel, clearly couldn’t comprehend the reasoning behind this, even with Statham’s fine delivery I was left asking questions of a plot that intellectually abused its audience.

Escaping from his past woes, Arthur Bishop after faking his death, holds out in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil; he’s found out. He’s then coerced by his very menacing nemesis, Riah Crain (Sam Hazeldine), to complete three daunting missions as ransom for the life of his new flame, Gina Thorne (Jessica Alba). Alba seems to have lost her mojo, her delivery here was decidedly lucklustre

The first target was an African warlord named Krill (Femi Elufowoju), who was incarcerated in a Malaysian prison. The second target was Adrian Cook (Toby Eddington), an Australian child trafficker. The final target was Max Adams (Tommy Lee Jones), a Bulgarian arms dealer. Very stereotypically looking crime bosses I tell you. Tommy Lee Jones was dressed like a zippy chipmunk

One obvious flaw with this movie is its gratuitous use of water bodies. German Director, Dennis Gansel and writer- Philip Shelby clearly have some affinity with water, Arthur Bishop spent nearly 30mins of this flick underwater, every mission seemed to have water as its elemental factor. I had earlier decided to name this review “the underwater flop”. Actually if you remove H2O from this Movie you would have a new reaction, sorry, movie.

The love affair between Arthur Bishop and Gina Thorne was as painful to watch as it was unconvincing. It felt like it was added to the plot at the last minute. Alba and Statham should never act in the same movie again, they obviously have no chemistry.

So, inept directing, an overly broken down script, a generic plot, unnecessary characters and stereotypical crime bosses; put all that together and you have 2016’s worst Sequel

Critic Score: 3/10


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