All I wanted to do was be the best lover,
Your forever.
And I ruined me.
I was scared that if you saw the real me,
You’d leave me.
I have failed in a lot of things, but I did try hard to make this work.
Now I’m here, lying on the floor, waiting for a little spark to destroy me.
I deserve to die for hurting the only person who promised and never failed me.
He said he was going to love you and He did

 He didn’t leave you even when you pushed him
And all you did was destroy him because of greed
That’s what my brain greets me with every time I see a new day.
Oh my heart feels cold and empty.
An avalanche of icicles has buried my heart and now all I feel is nothing.
(Which is something if you give it a long hard thought)
All I wanted to do was not hurt you.
But alas! I realise that a vampire cannot love a girl made from wood
It brings unto him everything but good.

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