Drops: Blood and Rain (18+)

Drops: Blood and Rain (18+)

I met my own eyes in the steamy bathroom mirror. Overgrown brown hair falling over my hairline and almost into my eyes. I slicked the hair back and reached for my shaving cream and razor when I heard a muffled groan. I paused, my arm frozen in midair above my sink.

 Several thumps from the floor above me made me raise my eyes, I turned the running water off and dropped what I was holding, all the while thinking, keeping a b*tch is hard, I should’ve knocked her out again.

I turned off the running shower and traipsed up in a towel. I grabbed the baseball bat I kept leaning against the bedroom door frame, just in case she was being silly. I swung open the door, bat in front of me.

She was where I left her, on the ground in the corner. All tied up in plastic cable ties, gagged and blindfolded. Her ragged breath told of her futile struggle and I watched her chest rise and fall with every breath. Thinking back on how we met, that actually was the first thing I noticed about her.

I found her the other day when I was shopping, prowling the suburban residences for young nubile females. It was a relatively warm day and everyone had their flesh out.

Initially I wondered why there was an increase in the young ones, not that I was bothered but just plain curiosity. I had realised that most schools had let out the previous week for a short break and these girls were all over the place. Joy oh joy.

I found this young fine thing with perky brown breasts walking home, headphones in place, oblivious to the fact that I was slowly driving up behind her, weighing my options. To just snatch her or to lure her in?

She turned and regarded my car, too late for snatching now. I smiled a small smile on my face to match the one on hers. My windows went down and she pulled down her headphones.

“Hi, you look a bit sweaty, Can I drop you off somewhere?” I asked sweetly, looking innocent.

“I’m sorry, no, I’m close by”, she replied curtly, “but thank you for the offer.”

“What’s your name?” I tried again and she shifted her weight to the other leg.

“I’m not comfortable about sharing personal information with random guys.” She said again, fiddling with her phone, uninterested in whatever I had to offer.

I squinted my eyes at the roof of my car, ignoring the heat building in my chest and nodded at her.

I was prepared to take her rejection and go bark up another tree or just chop one down.

“Alright then”, I said, rolling up my window, when a huge fat drop of water adorned my windshield. I looked at her walking away and smiled widely. The universe is on my side.

Another one.

Another one.

Three, twelve.

She looked at me and then up at the sky, a small frown on her face.

“Maybe I’ll take your offer”

She turned to the passenger side while I busied myself. As soon as she sat down, I pressed the chloroform filled napkin against her face.

A short look of horror and struggle before her head hung limply. I leant over her and adjusted the chair so she would be lying down.

I realised later that she had freckles. “Oh, how cute”, I mused as I ran my finger over her still face, down her neck to her breasts I had exposed.

They were brown, like milk chocolate-brown, darker freckles sprinkling the flesh around her peaks, I wrapped my hand around them and squeezed lightly.

It was almost as if I could feel each layer of flesh bend to my touch. God, they were so soft.

A stirring had me checking the propofol I had hooked up to her intravenously. I thought of sedatives or a tranquilizer. But no, I wanted her to watch.

I ran my hands over her skin. No response to my touch, just warmth lighting up my finger trails.

I went and undid the tiny denim skirt and unveiled her unending legs. A peach lace thong nestled her places underneath. Burning heat between her thighs.

Her eyelids fluttered as I pulled the skirt down and she looked sleepily down at me. She blinked a couple of times, then the horror registered, she tried to trash her legs about, but the burn from the cable ties made her realize her mistakes and she tried to scream instead.

That ball gag muffled her cries, they sounded like moans to me. I stood and watched her, my body reacting to this as though I was watching a strip tease.

Tears flooded her eyes, staining her skin, pooling in her ears, I reached for her thighs and pulled the thong down, ignoring her muffled pleas. What lay before me was a freshly waxed mound with a landing strip, she’s definitely not innocent, full lips boasting of tightness.

Her eyes met me and widened like a horse’s when they smell blood. She tried to thrash about in the bed but I wasn’t having any of that.

I reached over for my Durex and slid it on with the panache of a playboy.

Her cries became savage, she thrashed more, blood had started dripping from her ankles now, its rich coppery smell filling my nostrils, I bent forward and took a deep breath of this scared female.

Rich, delicate musk and that delicious buzz of fear spiced my nostrils and I lined up with her.One for the money, I palmed her breast and smiled.

Two for the show, I leaned in a bit, her sharp intake of air made me stop. I didn’t want her to expect me.

I backed off and walked instead to the music player and started Lana Del Rey’s Gods and Monsters. The dark silky tones washing over me and stroking me.

She had begun to shake, choking on her own tears. I walked back to her and stroked her face, she turned away from my touch, and I pushed in.

Her scream of pain sent sparks down my spine.

She clenched around me, so tight, so tight, never releasing me, no lubrication, I felt every single bump of her folds.

My eyes rolled back in my head and my mind rolled over in my brain. I kept on leaning in, till I came up at what I felt was her cervix.

She screamed again, not of fear this time, but pure pleasure.

The fear on her face still evident, but it seemed more like fear of herself, I pulled out and rammed back in, full to the hilt.

Fast and savage against the slow and sultry music playing, her toes curled with every thrust and I started considering taking off a cable tie.

 She had begun to moan, her own body betraying her, she sobbed and sighed and shivered and bucked beneath me.

Her insides trembling around my invasive probe, I sidled idly across the now sleek walls till I found the spot I wanted

That swollen soft spot hiding above beckoned to me and I pulsed at it. Her cries, bucking hips and arching back showed me I was right.

She was clenching again, quick and insistent now, asides Vivaldi playing on the stereo, our ragged breathing kept time for us.

She paused, then stiffened. Meanwhile on the inside, her body organs were dancing hand in hand around a fire.

Her eyes shut and her arch lifted her off the bed. It took me a minute to realize that she was coming, her thighs quaked and blood rimmed the edges of her mouth.

After her climax, her body returned to its normal levels, but I didn’t.

I went and went at her until I had my fill. Until I couldn’t breathe without inhaling her.

I pulled out finally and discarded the rubber in a bin.

I pulled her up, cut off her ties, silk strips replaced the ties and carried her to the bath.

Warm water and a bath for her cuts, and back to the room she went.

Cloth gag, blindfold, folded up knees, two ties, joint ankles, two ties. Hands tied to her knees, elbows hanging loose.

She looked up at me from the bed, disgust and admiration clashing on her face. I reached behind me and pulled out the Glock. That shut her up.

Then I went downstairs for my shower.

As the sun dipped devotedly into the violet embrace of the evening. I knocked her out again, noting for the first time the smartphone.  I bundled her into another of my cars and drove to the area I found her. I laid her gently on the sidewalk after looking around and untied her. Stroking her face and breasts before I got in and drove away.

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