“IN DEPENDANCE: Nigeria At 56”

"IN DEPENDANCE: Nigeria At 56"

Are you one of those people who absolutely hate the idea of sending, posting or even worse, receiving “Happy Independence / Happy New Month” messages? Well, I happen to be one of them too. Now, don’t misunderstand my unwillingness to participate in a cliché, a stereotypical reaction to a particular day or cycle of events as being a sourpuss. I think I have the right to opt out of being bludgeoned with all these HAPPY messages cloaked with pretentious heart-warming accolades of the day or the event for which it signifies.

It’s not as if I’m going out on a limb here to seem unpatriotic or ungrateful, no, that’s not the case. I’m just not a ‘Happy Independence Day or Happy New Month’ kinda guy. If you ask me (and for the sake that I’m the one doing the writing and directing this action film, let’s just say you did. Lol) I’d say; I’m just a Happy guy who is independent one month at a time to be honest.

Many would say that we’re supposed to have our hopes renewed, our faiths re-energized and so on. Taking all that into consideration, let me ask; “my brother/sister you don chop today?”. You probably have, seeing that you also had money to subscribe on your smartphone or laptop and is currently reading this piece, but then again, it’s possible you haven’t. Whatever the case may be, you must have noticed that the BEFORE and AFTER of your current predicament have been almost totally reversed. Don’t get me started on the sky-rocketing syndrome that has affected the price of food, which is caused by the acceleration into high heavens of the exchange rate, which has been steady racing because the economy has her foot sleeping on the gas sort of like a Buggati Veron with no brake pedals.

Happy New Month? Are you kidding me?!! It’s a new month for crying out loud. Some people now have to renew their rent, pay for light bill, pay their staff and even you reading this would have to pay for a new subscription soon (otherwise you won’t smell data to read another piece). So, tell me again what you were saying about this new month being HAPPY. Everything is changing, unfortunately for the worst more than it is for the better. Even though I know Nigerians are known for what I have diagnosed as CLINICAL OPTIMISM, the facts are staggering and I do hope with y’all that we don’t fall.

Independence, Happy Independence. I’m sorry if I was being repetitive, I was only trying to capture the true essence of what such a wish embodies in a country that has clearly been fighting tooth and nail, since the day they gained what we now know to be DELUSIONAL INDEPENDENCE. I’m really trying to understand what a wish such as this one, for a nation running from pillar to post is supposed to signify. Because saying it is not just some fairy dust you sprinkle to make things better like in an animated Disney movie; Oh no! It doesn’t work that way.

Nigeria is a resilient nation, her people, even though flawed in more ways than one, have it on record to be one of the most optimistic, persevering group of people on the planet. That being said, we should also try to be “faithful, loyal and honest”; after all, that’s what the pledge we’ve been reciting since we could put words together, dictates that we do. When it comes to being FAITHFUL, to a reasonable extent we have that covered, but as for being LOYAL, I don’t know about that, if I’m permitted to be so HONEST.

It is in this same vein, that we know that even though we’re still in the mood to celebrate our nation’s INDEPENDENCE, we should also be honest enough to know that we’re all IN DEPENDANCE. Oops! (For those of you who might have thought the title was a mis-spell). We depend on other nations to make moves still, we always have. We depend on other countries for food, clothes, cars, cosmetics, finished petroleum products, general importations e.t.c. We depend, it’s what we do, it’s what we have always known to do. It was passed down from generation to generation and until we learn to be a little less dependent, I think you’d agree that saying “Happy Independence” is currently just a figment of our imagination. It has become an annual ruse, a yearly ploy, to keep the masses entertained and in a delusion of grandeur. Nonetheless, they say no man (or country in this case) is an island, but at least let’s make sure we’re close enough to make people want to plan vacations here and give the Bahamas a run for their money (since we’re talking islands and stuff. Lol).

… Someday soon, we’d get there.


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