Lavender Rains Part 1


It was a few minutes past 11 already

I checked my watch too regularly to distract my eyes

They were fixated on her, sitting across from me

I wonder where Jake went and when he’d come back

To prevent my body from following the script in my head

My impromptu guest must have noticed by now the unsteadiness in my voice

The weighty gaze my lids had formed, the awkward silence that cued the time check

This bed felt a little too small and I felt I needed to run somewhere…anywhere

But her body was inviting and she knew it, I could see it in how she pursed her lips

As she spoke my name; William. She had the habit to start every line with it

William, so how’s that your girlfriend? Jenny was it?

All I could hear was the sound of the ocean raging against my chest

William? So are we going to sit here quiet all day until Jake shows up?

The words had barely left her supple lips when I heard it


She started to undo her denim pants unnaturally riddled with metal buttons


I heard myself call for help under my breath

Finally finding my voice I asked; errm Angie, what are you doing there?

She smiled and stared straight into my eyes undressing my face of any composure

I knew I had set myself for witty reply, she was good with those

William, clink…I’m regretting wearing this damned thing today of all days, can you help me with it?

I was going to answer I swear but then the phone rang…it was Jake

I couldn’t pay enough attention as Angie kept relieving herself of her tightly fitting jeans

And failing…I started to grow concerned and started mentally soliciting better measurements for thick people

Just then, Jake’s voice shook me from my placard carrying daydream

Nigga, are you seeing this? I said yes without thinking

So the rains have started over there too? Shit did you bring my clothes in before it started this time?

I realized he wasn’t referring to Angie’s now exposed crème thighs and lavender laced panties

So I replied as hastily and as vague as I could. Yes, yes and yes

That’s a good roommate, he said and chuckled

With all this damned rain, I wonder is my sister there yet?

You mean Angie?

No, I mean my sister, meat head

I turned round again to make sure we were talking about the same thing this time

It was almost 12 and it thundered from a distance and started to rain, mercilessly

I was trapped. She kept smiling. I gulped again



What happens to Williams? The story continues next Wednesday

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