Lavender Rains Part 2


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I hung up without saying a word

And made my way to the kitchen avoiding her gaze

And yes I could feel her staring, my throat dry

Not from fear but the anticipations my mind replayed in my head

The kitchen sink couldn’t have been this cold, I don’t remember

Opted for my palms instead of a glass and took the chance to wash my face

Is everything okay? William? She finally spoke…I could hear her chuckle

But this wasn’t funny, not to me and definitely not to Silvia

Mouthing to myself, you have a girlfriend, you cannot be feeling this way

Silly! You’re being silly William, you can do this

Do what? Her? Snap out of it, this isn’t the time to joke

I just need to make it through the rains, I told myself

But the rains this time of year were made for just this purpose

Reckless unclad sessions. Suddenly the kitchen felt smaller

Like I wasn’t alone. With the sound of the tap still rushing I didn’t hear her enter

Turning round I find her sporting my grey tee-shirt and the lavender panties

This is the part you ask the cliché question, Angie said, hands crossed leaning on the doorpost

Catching my breath, I ask…what question?

In the movies people usually go

How much of that did you hear?

We both said it at the same time, I cannot lie

I felt myself ease up now and let out a laugh. Reckless

She inched closer, swaying her crème hips side to side

My eyes followed the sequence until I was hypnotized

A…Angie, I tried in vain to start a conversation

It didn’t matter really, she took custody of my tongue in a swirl, a pull and a kiss with her lips

My hands gripped the sink behind me firmly.

Cursing aloud in my head. Sh*t, sh*t William you’re going to hell for this

If Sylvia didn’t beat the reaper to my corpse

My hands finally joined in the dedication of my lips and found her shoulders

Forearm and everything else my hands felt was necessary

Everything. My hands perused the expanse of her skin. Reckless

Effortlessly relieving her of her…my shirt and feeling her warm mounds

William…she let her quivering vocals recite my name. I relished it

So I thought I’d do one better and feel what made her lace panties so moist and warm

A few feels later and she bites my lips, not the soft I want you nibble

More I serve Satan and he wants your blood kind

We stopped kissing. At least I did. I don’t know what she calls it

She spoke, I expected an apology for the streak of red on my lips

no hands William, you naughty boy…not yet

I looked away in disgust for myself, as if the break in proceedings gave me sanity

It didn’t, I just couldn’t look at her. Not before. Not now

Are you mad at me? Angie asked, red pasted on her bottom lip.

I tried to answer. Like a spoilt brat I mumbled my words, still looking away

Look at me William, I feel like I did something bad

My lips still bled slowly, pain turning to a sharp tingle

So I turned to face her, that’s when she saw it. The blood

Aww you poor baby. Last thing she said before reaching in for another kiss

Surprise. She kissed so good I barely felt the pain. Now we had saliva mixed in with crimson

William! William!

I heard someone call from the door as they knocked repeatedly

My heart stopped. My legs felt like jello. The excitement still raging I couldn’t tell who it was

Angie made her way to the door. Reckless

I doubled up to stop her. You’re a guest, I said with a grin

But she just stood there, staring at the door as if expecting someone

Mentally doing the sign of the cross I turned the key and braced for impact

Oh, it’s you…what do you want?

Bola didn’t seem to like my demeanor, his face was clear indication

abeg shift make I see person, he said, moving me aside with his umbrella

I’m sure he had better pickup lines in his head before whatever he said in real life

Hey, you’re bleeding, you should get that checked

Oh thanks Bola, who knew you could be caring. Thinking he referred to me

Who’s talking about your dead self? Can’t you see there’s some blood on her shirt?

Typical William, anyway chica if you want you can come to my room to get that cleaned up

Thank you oh Red Cross, what do you want? I was done watching him try out his guiles

He laughed. Abeg, did Mike drop the key to my room with you?

No no and no. I was getting good at this quick response thing

Shutting the door, well pushing him and then shutting the door I turned back to her

But where is she? She was just here…



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