POETRY: An Elegy

POETRY: An Elegy

When I set my soul to this eulogy

I gazed upon blank pages, so bereft of muse

As I weighed upon words, if by measure

It may lay hold of youth nipped at its apogee.

For he moved freely, in his cold ruse

He fastened that grasp of throes, his pleasure:

O death, where is thy sting?


Relent this! Relent I did cry thee!

Yet you hearkened not to my decree.

Now my words move in strained elegy,

A friend must I immortalize in memory.

I groan upon this pained allegory,

Upon a sigh I must now sing:

O death where is thy sting?


Yet I sorrow not as they who have no hope.

For in the countenance of the Lord I beheld

Immortality; where the foul of death is stayed,

Where faith and love doth meld,

Where sorrows and tears elope.

There, amongst the heavenly host doth she sing:

Now death, where is thy sting?


You are at peace now dear friend.

Emeka Ike

Emeka doesn’t like to talk about himself in the third-person, he thinks it’s weird and uncomfortable. So Emeka will stop now… but before then, you should know Emeka is a disciple of Jesus. I find solace in the recluse of sagely contemplations; to make meaning of knowledge. Is youth wasted on the young? Or wisdom on the old? A mystery…

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