POETRY: Breaking Up

POETRY: Breaking Up

And my tears ran from my eyes
I wonder why my tongue and teeth fight
And my f**king brain still hasn’t found a way to convince me that I don’t need this feeling
This feeling I loving-hate because it makes me sore
I’m running from my fears but towards a black hole that may probably be housing a witch or the grim reaper

My f**king tears left my eyes again
I wonder why tears keeps leaving him
After clouding his judgement
That woman is crazy because any small thing, she will leave him
I can’t bear being in the midst of all this chaos

And my tears ran from my eyes yet again
My mind is at war and my heart is the beating drum
My fists clenched so I could be weighed down
And I wonder why my mind keeps tormenting me when I’m asleep
And my knees are so weak from running to and fro
Who knows whether you are the belly of the shark

And my tears ran from my eyes
Sigh… I’m not even going to mop my face again
At least my eyes has learnt that whatever is yours will come back to you
Because  tears leave but we never know how she came back to leave again
Poor (pour) eyes  for you are broken
Because my ears heard my lover say “none of the kids are yours”

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  1. Loool. Ameerah! *becomes serious* oya TGR, your choice of words although not the normal graceful and enlightening sort, I still loved cause you sounded not so serious enough to depict a resigned man’s vent voice.

  2. Ameerah you would know na you’re the unfaithful lover *smirk*
    Monaleesaah is not me the man possessed me and threatened to kill me if I didn’t share his story what was I to do ma?

  3. Samu I can’t imagine it too
    Thank you Itoro
    Thank you Jae
    Jon and Uyai I don’t know about the tangerine it’s not in my piece
    Thank you Zojie

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