POETRY: Heart Cheats

POETRY: Heart Cheats

If you don’t show all, nothing will happen right?
You’ve been there before, when you wore your heart on shirt sleeves, when saying how you felt released you, but then you realized the cage is better, the cage is better.

No one can come in and you can’t leave.
No one can…

But he burst the cage of your heart’s thoughts open, looking around. You crouch in a corner wild in your fear to not be seen, not be heard…
He’ll go away, but he coaxes you, “Did you miss me? I missed you, I missed you so much, in my mind’s eye I kissed you, in my heart’s feelings you were always right beside me.”

NO!!! This will not happen again, you pushed all of them away!!

You burnt them, as you pulled their hearts out and placed it on the altar of your pain.
Their souls cushion to the aches that never went away…

…but he was a lie, they all were, they want you for what you can give and then they forget.

You’re alone, tossed into the world before you were ready.
Fear, unadulterated fear, it grips your belly.
I want someone to call mine, I want someone steady.
This heart won’t go the right way; the feelings are heady.
Why do you cheat? When you want love that’s heavy.

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