One day, you will love like it is Apocalypse

And Love is the only bridge between Hell and Heaven

And the bridge is made of broomsticks

And the broomsticks are on fire


One day, you will love like a broken wine-glass

A memory of sweetness once contained

Now a result of shattered dreams

Yearning to be whole again


One day, you will love like a fifteen-minute-amnesiac

Cherishing every single special second

Knowing that your mind will break

Knowing that you will no longer know



One day, you will love like a knife in your back

Your pain – berserk colors of a demented painter

But pulling it out would kill you faster

So you keep on loving


One day, your heart will pause

So that in that split second your world is silent

So silent that their heartbeat is the only thing you hear

The only thing that matters


One day, you will fall in love

Without parachutes

Into a volcano’s eye

Down to the Earth’s core


One day you will love like

                It’s the only way to live

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  1. Good bless the X,man you’ve become a skilled one in penmanship……guess its not about how we start,but how we endeavour to reinvent ourselves.Salute to the X

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