POETRY: Visions of Vile

POETRY: Visions of Vile

Visions of blood mixed in coffee

Caffeinated Dracula


Torn thread of children born dead

Thread thorns stolen from the head of the Dead Lord


Eyes cast in ice, fast.

Ultimate defiance…


Stare calmly into the eyes of Death

And sip blood-mixed coffee

Spit on the altar

And curse Destiny…


Visions of dark Pottery

Utensils of cursed sorcery

Mass mockery…




The baritone “kpom-kpom”

Of a monotone gong

Violating the still night—

The brute violating Beauty


Taunting invitation of

the wrath of the Gods.


Tongue dripping blasphemies


The emptiness of a self-inflicted gunshot . . .


Watch closely

As your soul is torn apart

By six-hundred-and-sixty-six demons



The sound of silence screaming.

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  1. The beautiful wording and wicked, wicked wit make for one of the most disturbingly intruiging pieces I’ve ever read. Good job!

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