Two Girls

Two Girls

In the middle of nowhere, a red sky and a dark night, in between two girls I stand. One wearing a hooded robe, her eyes so deep and full of baleful desires. The other has so much mysteries…I can’t tell what she wants. Each of them trying to get a complete hold of me. No one wants to give me up for the other. It is a thug of war as I struggle between these two. I try to run but they never let me go, I try to keep calm but they keep pulling and pushing me.  When I try to follow one, the other gets the stronger hold. When I turn to follow the one with the stronger hold, I get pushed to the ground by the other. The night is getting colder and time is running out. I’m gasping for breath and holding on to nothing but hands of the ones who won’t let me go. All I can do to save myself is refusing to let my soul die. If I die, we all lose.

I cry out in agony. I look around to find help, but all I see is the blinking eyes of the singing owls lurking deep into the shadows. Why is this happening to me? How did I get here? When will this war ever end? I wonder who will finally win me. I am tired of struggling; I want to be won. Bound with shackles and chains, drowning in tears and melting in hopelessness, still I wait…waiting for the one who would have me as the slave or the master. The one who would make me smile or suffer. But as I come back to my stream of consciousness, these two girls are living inside of me.

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