Wholly Matrimoney #10

Wholly Matrimoney #6

Episode 10…

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Nike didn’t realise she had fainted when she came to. All that was on her mind was Jide…but why? She asked herself.



“Thank GOD you are alive. Don’t ever freak me out like that again. Ah ah! What is it? This one that you are now playing dramatics and hysterics to surpass that of Patience Ozorkwor? Was it not just mere collapsing? Even I,a pregnant woman can do it…”

“Hehehe…see you this wicked mother of one and a half! I am now dramatic, abi? Mscheeeeeew. I don’t blame you. If you weren’t pregnant I would have disgraced you in this fine location”

“Who says you didn’t? All the useful people were just looking at me as if I was severely handicapped. By the way, Madam Drama I realised you fainted after you received a phone call”

“Oh. Yes.  A phone call. I remember. Please help me pass my phone”

“It appears to be Jide’s number that last called you.”

It all came flooding back to Nike.

“Jide! Accident! Call him back! Call him back!”

Tricia did as she was told and hid the shock on her face when a female voice picked Jide’s phone. She listened carefully to the exact location of the accident and noted the nearby hospital he was rushed to. Calling her driver, they made their way to Mile 2 and were albeit astounded that traffic had returned to normal.

Two hours later in a waiting room that was probably the cause of many people’s severe depression, Nike sat contemplating the last few days of her life and the strain her marriage had undergone. What was to become of her if something happened to Jide? All the blame would go to her. All the pity and gossip that would ensue filled her imagination.

Poor Tricia was being squeezed the life out of. Nike’s impatience etched thin and tears streamed down her face. She did the only thing she thought appropriate at that moment in time—pray. Praying like she had never done before, she was suddenly stopped by a broad shouldered man who claimed to be Jide’s doctor.

“Mrs Kayode, your husband sustained minor injuries as a result of the collision. As far as I can tell, all he has to worry about is a fractured leg and two broken ribs. He was lucky. However, I will have to ask you to monitor his movements for the next few days. He may have also sustained internal injuries as a result of the impact but seems ready for discharge today. You may go see him”

Nike almost cried at the sight of Jide sprawled pathetically on the thin mattress called a hospital bed.

“Ife mi, I’m sorry” he said and braved a smile.

“Sorry for what?” Nike retorted. “You this man nearly killed me. I hadn’t heard from you since morning and when I did it was another woman’s voice on the phone. When did you start cheating on me Jide?”

“Ah ah…but you know you are prettier than the woman in question”

“Was her backside the reason why you failed to cross the road?”

“Man! You should have seen that thing, Nike. It moved like a sachet of pure water!”

“You still have mouth to talk? Yeye man! I might as well leave you in here or better still break your remaining ribs…big boy like yourself being hit by an ordinary Hummer; a little car!” She playfully tickled his nose and was not too shocked when he drew his arm around her and pulled her in for a kiss.

“Jide, I don’t know what I would have done if I lost you….”

“Shhh… woman! can’t you just enjoy the moment?”

“Tricia is waiting outside. We need to sort out your discharge…rest a bit then get ready to go home”

Outside by the reception area, a lady that Nike guessed picked up Jide’s phone handed her all the possessions he had on him at the scene of the accident.

“I think this also belongs to him Ma although we found it a few meters away from where the car bashed him” She said and handed Nike a business card.

The name on the card was strange yet seemed oddly familiar to Nike.

“Are you Mrs Kayode?” A deep baritone voice said from behind her. “Greetings Madam. My name is Uvie Davids. I believe I was the unfortunate soul who hit your husband with my car today…”

Nike slowly turned around and felt her heart palpitating, her eyes grew wide in shock…


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