Blue Dandelions #7

Blue Dandelions #7

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It was 1909 in Sugarplum. Sally and John have been married for a few months now. Scars of war had healed, bruises had closed up, and new life had sprouted; as lots of babies had come into Sugarplum. The people were comfortable with life in the last year and so, the Mayor, James Alden was re-elected, John re-made sheriff, the head pastor remained.

A teacher from out of town was posted to head the new school that was finally completed to replace the one destroyed by the war—overly religious people of the town thought it wise to build the church first. Sally was one of those who volunteered to teach for free, till the town had enough money to hire proper staff. Getting volunteers wasn’t so hard as the new head teacher was strikingly handsome; with clear grey eyes, jet black hair, well chiseled face, mouth and nose large enough to function but small enough to fit his well tanned face. Sally had joked with John at dinner one evening, that if he hadn’t snagged her yet; she would have been running after the head teacher as well.

Evening was approaching and John had one of those days, where nothing went as planned. You woke up feeling awful and inadequate, work wasn’t any better, it was chaotic. Crime seemed to have come to town with the new motel, bank, laundry mart, new strip of malls, there was even had a veggie market now. The sheriff’s department may have to hire more hands to help out as John and his deputy were getting overwhelmed. They most times left the station unattended to as they dashed out to respond to numerous distress calls, some less distressing than others. As is pertinent to small town policing, people called the police when their husband wouldn’t take out the trash or played too much poker with his friends in their dining room as was Mrs. brown’s favourite excuse.

Sally was making a fuss in the kitchen with Naomi on making dinner special, she planned to break the news to John, no more stalling she promised herself in the mirror that same morning.

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