Marvel vs. DC: Who won in 2016?

Marvel vs. DC: Who won in 2016?

This is bigger than religion. The Marvel versus DC rivalry is as old as the coliseums, contentious like the biblical Esau and Jacob story, as inconclusive as the afterlife. I was born into it, so, let’s continue…

Today I countdown from 6 to 1 on what movies impressed critics the world over among the releases of both cinematic studios in the year 2016. DC fans, look away, go no further. Marvel fans, enjoy!

Note: If you don’t agree with this list tell us why in the comments, you would be appropriately replied


6. Suicide Squad

Star Actor: Will Smith

Director: David Ayer

Note: Suicide Squad had the potential to be as hilariously irreverent as Marvel’s Deadpool, a major box-office hit about a similarly sociopathic hero. Instead, it’s just another film that relies on special effects to distract the audience from a story that’s overblown and underwhelming – Babs Ajijala (3rdEye Critic)

Average Critic Score: 4/10

Budget: $175 million

Box Office: $745.6 million


5. X-Men: Apocalypse

Star Actor: Oscar Isaac

Director: Bryan Singer

Note: We all love the X-Men, so rating them this low was tough for me, but this one felt like a muddle hedged on a cliché plot. There were great characters here but they were greatly underused.

Average Critic Score: 5/10

Budget: $178 million

Box Office: $543.9 million


4. Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice

Star Actor: Ben Affleck

Director: Zack Snyder

Note: In Dawn of Justice, DC gave us an overly inconclusive, gloomy flick that looked more like a gathering of scenes than a movie.  Still Ben Affleck saved the day, he’s Batman. *In Batman’s voice*

Average Critic Score: 5/10

Budget: $250 million

Box Office: $873.3 million


3. Doctor Strange

Star Actor: Benedict Cumberbatch

Director: Scott Derrickson

Note: For a first time on screen for Doctor Strange, I have to say this was thoroughly entertaining, the studios made the movie look effortlessly well done. They should cool it with the hype next time, it was bigger than the movie

Average Critic Score: 8/10

Budget: $165 million

Box Office: $656.5 million


2. Captain America: Civil War

Star Actor: Chris Evans

Director: Anthony Russo, Joe Russo

Note: Many critics hailed it as Marvel’s best work yet and who could argue this considering the amount it grossed in the box office. Marvel had a 2016 to remember

Average Critic Score: 9/10

Budget: $250 million

Box Office: $1.153 billion


1. Deadpool

Star Actor: Ryan Reynolds

Director: Tim Miller

Note: A dynamo of a Movie, it was non-stop thrills from start to finish. It was so good that its profanity sounded like church bells. Ryan Reynolds is set to reprise his role in the sequel in 2018

Average Critic Score: 9/10

Budget: $58 million

Box Office: $783.1 million


 Marvel and DC releases for 2017

  1. Logan (March 3)
  2. Guardians of the Galaxy (May 5)
  3. Wonder Woman (June 2)
  4. Spider Woman: Homecoming (July 7)
  5. Thor: Ragnarok (November 3)
  6. Justice League (November 17)


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  1. Rating was spot on, deadpool was a box office wonder (Marvel’s Wiz Kid), I feel like Dawn of Justice should have been ranked 6th though, the graphics was an epic failure

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