POETRY: Who’s Loving You?

Who's Loving You?

Who’s waking up next to you?
Cusping your face and kissing your lips
Who gets to share in the beauty of your smile?
Who’s loving you?

Who doesn’t have to wonder if you love them?
Free of doubt and trapped in your embrace
Locked forever in a grasp of requited desires
With whom does your heart beat in tandem?

Why wait for the sun to flee and wish on stars?
When your fairytale comes true with them next to you
Why wait for ink on paper to tell of your love?
When each time you kiss, pages of poetry turn and turn

Who’s mapping your skin with lips?
Layering every inch with adoration
Why bother with clothing?
When all your soul’s warm in another’s

Who’s loving you dear lover?
Who has your heart in a tug of words?
Who conjures the rainbows when your eyes light up?
Who stole your stares from the endless abyss?

When it’s dark and you feel lost
Who takes your hand and leads you home?
Carries you up the flight of stairs. Keeps you safe
The one your heart longs for the most

To a lover lost in time.

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  1. I’m not a great lover of poetry and I happen upon this post in happenstance yet the first words till the last struck clear distinct strings within my heart. Do keep your ink flowing… Well done

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