Top Ten Albums of 2016

Top Ten Albums of 2016

The year is at an end and the EYE is here to give you ten albums that gained our greatest critical acclaim. Sit back, pop a can, then some pop corn and enjoy our countdown. From 10 to 1.

Remember, if you feel your best albums didn’t make the cut, drop a comment and I’ll explain why




This Is Acting – Sia

Release Date – January 29
Notable Single – Alive
Critic’s view – On her seventh studio album, Sia Furler takes songwriting to seventh dimension; her words are so perfectly woven that her incredible emotional Australian voice feels like a bonus here. She’s taking a quick liking to the pop side of her gifting.



Lemonade – Beyoncé Knowles

Release Date – April 23
Notable Single – Formation
Critic’s view – A wholehearted project that resonated in the centre of the black struggle. Beyoncé sustained her flawless pedestal while feeding viewers with another unforgettable collection. Finally, Its Beyoncé. When last did she falter? I can’t recall



The Life of Pablo – Kanye West

Release Date – February 14
Notable Single – Famous
Critic’s view – His overbearing nature aside, Ye is a genius who doesn’t take for granted the tenets of hard work and musical excellence. On TLOP, Kanye brought us a body of work blessed with numerous beneficial features refined with ingenious production skills. A musical birthday it was for me



A Seat at the Table – Solange Knowles

Top Ten Albums of 2016

Release Date – September 30

Finest Single – Crane in the Sky

Critic’s view – The balance on this album is laudable. It’s not all noisy, It’s not gloom-ridden. It is the kind of music that gets you moving in composed rhythm, while it revs in expected ecstasy thanks to the artistry of the Boss Lady Solange



Do What Thou Wilt – Ab-Soul

Release Date – December 9

Notable Single – D.R.U.G.S

Critic’s view – My rap album of the year, HipHopDx called it the year’s best mind f**k. Blessed with the best beats, experimental productions and the dark humour that the TDE Signee has come to be known for. It’s a classic in my books



Coloring Book – Chance

Release Date – May 13
Notable Single – No Problem
Critic’s view – Chicago’s very own delivered what many have called the rap album of the year, ask the Grammys. His spiritually endearing sound sailed between motivational and blunt, still it came out enlightening. Chance is certain for domination come 2017



Blonde – Frank Ocean

Release Date – August 20

Notable Single – Be Yourself

Critic’s view – After the seemingly endless wait by Frank Ocean aficionados for the release of his album, Frank Ocean delivered. On this one he ranges from lustful to Complex, reflective and then sombre. This is “arguably” Ocean’s best music album to date.



Malibu – Anderson Paak

Release Date – January 15th

Notable Single – Heart don’t stand a chance

Critic’s view – Ever since Paak seized the day on Dr. Dre’s Compton album, I had felt in my soul that this Californian kid was ready to takeover; and on “Malibu”, he did that, seemingly effortlessly. Ask the Grammys



Human Condition – Jon Bellion

Release Date – June 10

Notable Single – Hand of God

Critic’s view – The rhythm and flow of the artiste that is Jon Bellion made this album feel like one beautiful well pieced long song. After first listen I was hooked on Bellion’s flavour for months, the album felt like fresh air to the listener in me. Bellion is definitely here to conquer, no one is doing it like he’s



Long Live the Angels – Emeli Sande

Release Date – November 11

Notable Single – Babe

Critic’s view – Emeli Sande’s best album yet. It is an eighteen-track stunner in which the British Songstress leaves her audience powered up in the vibe of her message and balladic sound. My album of the year undoubtedly.




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  1. The EYE is right… ‘Long Live The Angels’ and ‘Human Condition ‘ were my best albums this year… ‘the birth of a nation’ was dope too… Long live the EYE!!!

    1. The bigger question is this – “4 Your Eyez Only”, which album should be taken out for it? It was a classic year in music, a plethora of great albums came out… Cole would have to stay on the sidelines here

    1. Oggy I think its all down to perspective. Personally I found music this year uplifting. But then again, that’s just me. Thank you for dropping by

  2. Beyonce and Emeli Sande have no business on this list IMO. 4 your eyez only defo belongs here. The Sun’s Tirade by Isaiah Rashad. PHO by Ari Lennox, although that’s a mixtape. Bro, I’ve got worthy mentions for dayz. Blank Face LP….Bruuuuuuuuh

    1. Ojehtu, Isaiah Rashad had an amazing album, Schoolboy’s Blank Face LP was great too. But having more TDE albums on the chart seemed like an overkill, seeing that I already had Ab-Soul’s
      “4 Your Eyez Only”… Would make my top 20, nor vex.
      Emeli Sande is royalty, tread carefully.

      1. TDE for the win tho lol. They were the most prolific group this year tbh. K.Dot was sleep tho, the rest kept it coming. Tirade of the sun is definitely in my top 5. The production on that album my guy! It’s a subjective thing tho☝☝

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