Debut Love #1

Debut Love #

Chapter One

Holding my breath, a nervous wreck as he slid my panties down… Worried about my inexperience… Am I going to please him enough? Then he stopped. I said to myself, “this is it… he knows… he’ll leave me”. I asked with utmost fear, “what is it?” He said nothing, he just looked at me very deeply as though he saw my soul and said, “I adore you Christine” and in that instant, all my fear melted away.

I woke up the next morning not sure of where I was. Looked around the bed and slowly the events of last night came flooding in my mind… How Michael had treated me like I was royalty… Even while doing unspeakable things to me, he found a way to make me feel like I was the luckiest girl on earth. “Oh Lord”, I thought, slowly massaging my temples as though that would make me forget.

“You’re awake mi amor”, he said as he walked in the room; tray of breakfast delight in his hands, “he knows me so well,” I thought. I smiled up at him, and just as I was about to speak, he leaned in and kissed my forehead, then whispered “thank you for last night mi amor” …those words… What did they mean? Simple thank you but in that moment, it made me feel like my work here is done. And he said it in the sweetest way possible… Why does he call me “mi amor” anyway? I hated it, I’m not one for endearing nicknames but I never found the courage to tell him because I knew it would hurt him. He went to culinary school in Spain for a year and that was the only Spanish I heard him speak…

He called everyone “mi amor”; his maid even. Everyone was tired of it but no one said anything. “Thank… Thank you? ” I stuttered, my voice failing as usual… His very presence weakened me… I never knew what to say. He looked at me intently and said, “yes, thanks mi amor, last night was special to me. Was it special to you?” He asked. I gently nodded. He smirked as though giving himself a pat on the back and said, “of course it was.” I started at the croissants he’d made and realized I had lost my appetite. He must have sensed it as he slowly took the tray away from me and planted a kiss on my lips. I laid back knowing what was to come. He took off his robe and I closed my eyes… Thinking of how much I loved him… Hoping thoughts of how good he made me feel would numb the pain as he took me for the umpteenth time. I had lost count last night.

“Wake up, mi armor!!! Christine!!!!” I startled, almost falling out of bed still wrapped in the cum-stained sheets.  “what is it Michael?” I asked, and then he looked at me and said the words… The words I would never forget… Those words that haunt my dreams till this day. “You have to leave mi armor, my wife is on her way”…”yo… your… wi… fe?” Why does my voice always fail me in times I need to show strength? “yes, my wife Christine… You have to get dressed”, he said as he threw my clothes to me while looking for something very intensely on the floor. “Christine?” I thought to myself… We’ve gone from mi amor to Christine? “my shoes are in the bathroom” I said, easing his burden when I realized that’s what he was looking for.


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