Debut Love #3

Debut Love #

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Chapter Three

I awoke to Beyoncé’s Love on Top playing on my phone and I just lay there, too lazy to get up and answer. “If it’s important, whoever it was will call again”, I said as the phone stopped ringing. The phone rang again as I sat up and stretched. I picked it up and looked at the last four digits, I didn’t recognize the number. “Hello” I answered, irritated already as I assumed it would be a colleague of mine asking to borrow a note or textbook. I had prepared my answer, “No, I’m sorry. I’ll be using it” when I heard his voice. “Hello Beautiful, it’s Michael… we met at the supermarket earlier. I hope you got home okay” Michael? I gulped. If I thought his voice had an effect on me before, the phone maximized it. It was like a hundred thousand decibels of pure greatness… his voice was the kind I felt every man worth anything should have…. but then again, if everyone had it, it wouldn’t be that special, would it? “Hello Michael, yes I did. Thanks for asking” I finally managed to say. “Don’t mention mi amor, how are you…”

We spent the next two hours on the phone talking about nothing and everything. He had a good sense of humour and listened to me talk like he was genuinely interested in the things I had to say. He told me he was 28 years of age and I was disappointed…not because he was way older than I was but because I was almost sure that if he found out my real age, he’d leave. I told him I was 20…not so much a lie I thought to myself. 19,20…who cares?

We were still talking and laughing when my sister walked into my room and stood, staring in awe at me. Clearly, a roommate of mine had gone to call her as they’d been grinning and making funny sounds throughout the duration of my call. I frowned… slightly angry… what did they take me for? Was answering a phone call for that long a very strange thing? Then again I thought to myself, I didn’t really blame them…I hadn’t been the most flexible person so their shock was well-founded.  “I’m sorry Michael, I have to go study now”, I said to him when I noticed my sister wasn’t planning on leaving. “Oh. I’m sorry mi amor, I honestly forgot I was talking to a student. I’m usually more disciplined I promise…he he” he laughed. “It’s fine Michael. We’d talk later” I said. He started to say something else but I had already ended the call.

I spent the next hour telling my sister all about him, surprisingly with less enthusiasm as I had earlier in the day and revealing as little information about him as I could. “I want to meet him. Let me know the next time he calls”, Francine said. “Sure”, I replied, but I knew that was not going to happen. For some reason, I felt the need to keep him from her. Maybe because I was a little scared he’d see her and immediately realize how really plain-looking I was.

For the next couple of weeks, Michael and I were inseparable. I don’t know what was more appealing about him; his looks or his personality. Michael was a child at heart. When he wasn’t away at Abuja for work, we went swimming, dancing, he took me on road trips and bought me gifts at every chance he got. We went to a karaoke bar one time and I laughed until I wept when he tried rapping along to Nicki Minaj’s Anaconda while making weird movements with his waist. I later found out he was trying to twerk. That was my Michael… I realized I was in love with him when he finally met my sister and he shook her hand for a second then turned all his attention back to me and said “Francine, I’m in love with your sister”. That evening was the first time we kissed.

“I DON’T WANT YOUR SCHOOL WORK TO SUFFER BECAUSE OF ME CHRISTINE!!!” … “WELL THEN MAYBE YOU SHOULD STOP ASKING TO SEE ME EVERY DAY!!” I yelled back at him. Results for that semester had been released and I had failed two courses. He was with my phone when the text came in from Grace, a friend from school and Michael had flipped, yelling at me for failing. I didn’t understand his anger because I was the one in school, not him. I made this clear to him and he called me a child. That statement aggravated me so much I left. I went back to school and cried myself to sleep. He called the next day apologizing and saying he was just concerned… I apologized too and promised to pay more attention to my studies. That was our first and only fight.
Michael was a stud. Anywhere we went, he had females staring at him…this was uncomfortable at first but Michael had made me feel so secure I started to enjoy the attention.

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