Debut Love #4

Debut Love #

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Chapter Four

The issue of sex had come up in the third month of our relationship and I had made it clear I was not ready to go that far with him yet. He said he understood and that he’d not bother me. But this was not to be as he asked for it at every opportunity he got. The next month, he proposed a weekend get-away at his house in Abuja and I knew he had gotten tired of waiting. I was ecstatic. Finally, I can put Francine to shame I had thought, as she had repeatedly expressed concern as to why my boyfriend never invited me to his house. I immediately agreed to follow Michael to Abuja. I talked to Francine about it and she was so excited for me, I genuinely felt bad for thinking ill of her earlier. She took me shopping and bought me a pink and red lingerie and a very sexy night wear. She stocked my bag with a packet of Durex condoms muttering “you should never rely on a man for protection” under her breath. That was it, I was set for a weekend of bliss.

I got to Abuja that morning and Michael was at the airport waiting to pick me. I ran into his arms and he said, “welcome mi amor. I’ve missed you” I grinned and followed him home. His house was all I imagined; beautiful. I noticed there were no pictures or paintings on the wall and he dismissed the question saying he wanted to re-decorate. He bought me my favourite chocolates and we stayed watching tv until it was late.

The pink or red? I kept asking myself in the bathroom. I couldn’t pick which lingerie to wear so I called Francine… “the red”, she said almost immediately… “is there a robe in the bathroom?” I looked around and surely there was a robe. How did Francine know these things? “Yes, there is”, I replied. “Ok, wear it over the lingerie and tie it loosely. Christine?” “Yes? I’m still here” … “be careful, make sure he uses protection…don’t listen to any excuses”. “Ok. Thanks…goodnight”, I said as I hung up. Would I be able to make Michael use protection? I dismissed the thought and said a silent prayer that he’d use it without my asking.

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