What once stung, is nothing but a tickle,
What once burned is nothing but ash.
You ran off with your mistress, my heart once broke, but even broken stones still hold.

I’ve Fallen in ice
The frost feeds on my soul tonight
I fell to the Earth trying to reach for the sky
Blood trickles from my wrist
As I let go of you and all you hold.

I feel numb
The sun doesn’t shine no more
I feel numb
The pain doesn’t hurt no more

I’ve been dipped in ice
You can’t walk a mile in my shoes
Ten toes to the ground but I cannot move.
I stay frozen to the comfort of the frost eating at my heart.
I fear to move, shake or crack a smile,
Lest I crack the coat of icing
Shielding me from you.

I struggle, thrash and curse.
But its all in my head,
I struggle desperately to break free,
But the numb cools me.

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