POETRY: Awakening Love

POETRY: Awakening Love

Do not awaken love before it’s time
It is like eating an unripe fruit
It is toxic
It pulls you from your Father
And all Dad wants is to give you away at the altar

Do not awaken love before it’s time
It is like blowing up a nuclear plant
It will tilt the earth
Because all you want to do is please him instead of Him
And Dad can be really jealous

Do not awaken love before its time
You’ll distract yourselves from focusing on God
You can’t give him life or breath
Or Happiness
And Dad can give him all that and more

Instead of awakening love
Holding tight even when it’s not right
Let him go
Put him in God’s care
And He will take care of him
After all He’s the only one who loves Him more than you do. ❤

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  1. Wow… I’m still in awe, how did u do dis? Did u have a meeting with Solomon the King? Cos this should be in the proverbs or better still the songs of songs.
    I’m actually encouraged… Keep up the good work

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