I have never seen a time when a negative situation has been celebrated as much as the famous recession. At first, I thought it was cute with the way the society was so concerned about the economic downfall. Really, I thought this was a time for a revolution, a stop to this madness and a drastic turn around. I cheered at those who blamed the government and pitied people who bitterly complained about the high price of everything, even the so-called made in Nigeria goods!

I was really thinking this was a good opportunity for the cry of the people to change things for the better. But oh! There is a thin line, a thin line between cute and ugly. Instead of things to get better, it got worse. I’m not even going to blame the poor government; neither am I going to blame the devil. I noticed that people are comfortable with the hardship. Recession is the new excuse for laziness and corruption; they blame it so much that they choose to remain in one spot. Greedy people deliberately add outrageous amounts to prices, not because it’s actually worth it but all in the name of recession. While the lazy ones sit down with folded arms blaming every Tom, Dick and Harry for their misfortunes instead of them to think of new ways to make the world a better place for them. In all, the greedy ones are getting richer and the lazy ones are getting poorer. Either way, recession has been overly exaggerated.

To me, the moment the recession alarm blew, trouble came out to play. Okay fine, things went up and the economy got complicated, I agree. But is there ever going to be a time when the alarm would blow again and say, “Recession’s over, everybody back to your formal lives!!!”? No. No because the greedy ones are busy enjoying every bit of the moment and the lazy ones are better off and more comfortable blaming someone or something for their misfortunes. Even if there is ever going to be a chance of a fall back to the way things were before the recession, because the illusion has been greatly adjusted to, nobody is going to buy that. The greedy ones would not stop, the lazy ones will not grow and I, the victim will keep suffering for the so-called thing, Recession.

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  1. Waoh……timely piece
    Unfortunately people will still continue in their sluggardness…after all everything is a joke. Even when people are dying…we laugh it off.

  2. Recession… The giant excuse for incompetence and greed, but this is all borne out of the simple truth that we are a consumer society

    The Asian rebirth that brought the Asian tigers wasn’t as a result of excessive growth, but a deep seated need to build from within.

    What do you expect from the average Nigerian?

    To recognize the need for self advancement and a need to eradicate greed? That’s a personal resolution to make in the face of this economic crisis. The average Nigerian currently lacks empathy.

    The cause of thier greed can be shared two ways. One is personal, the other is from the govt.

    A govt who’s only solution to the current situation is to wait for oil price to soar isn’t helping issues. Thier snail approach to the economic hardship is placing the nation in reverse and increasing greed.

    In summary, there’s very little hope for Nigeria given the way the country is been run by both the govt and the citizenry… A revolution is the cure… Not necessarily violent, but with a deep seated need to leave this pit we find ourselves… The sooner we attain an intellectual revolution the sooner we would avoid another civil war!

    God help Nigeria!

  3. Okay. This piece is simply beautiful. Yea I agree, Nigerians actually love the idea of a recession, it helps us be our best. But lets not be the victim anymore, its time to take charge… its time to be better

  4. Very correct dear… Nigerians need to realize their flaws and fix them…if not our current direction would soon be our normal direction… God help us…

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