POETRY: What if I told you

What if I told you

If I told you the truth, really,

Could you handle it

Could you bear the bitterness

And keep the smell of rotten secrets

From driving you insane or away


If I told you the truth, the whole truth,

Wouldn’t it offend you

And the picture of good manners

You carry in your wallet

Wouldn’t it tint your glasses a little red

And make my peace sign a red flag


If I told you the truth

Would it smear the perfect whiteness

Of the light I stand in, and sharpen

The edges of your judgement

And make you cower in righteousness

Light hath nothing to do with darkness


Please let me lie to you

White lies to brighten the grey

And contrast the black

Black lies to blot out

Mistakes and a crooked past

Fat juicy lies

All sweetness and spice

Lies because I love you.


Let me save you the torture

Of choosing between me and your morals

Or whatever makes you think

You are perfect.

Let me lie

Because at some point

I would believe that I’m truly

so good.


Lie to me too

You already do.

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