I think

like quicksand

the more I try to fight it the more I sink

the harder I kick you down the more I think of me

every time I reintroduce myself to your friends

everyone else afloat and pretend to befriend me

see it’s easy to mimic you, it’s easy to be friendly

don’t you think?

but that’s not me, I since went past the brink

I since forgot to care

like quicksand

I’m unaware that you sink

unaware that you don’t wish to be held this tight

unaware that you don’t see me trying to keep you in

I since forgot to share

I tried to once, to not just be hard earth but to let you in

like quicksand

I’m not in control, your struggles are mute

If I knew I stole from you air and peace of mind

that I’d become a lake and let you float

don’t you think?

I thought you liked to sink, to fall in love with me

I thought the earthy decor kept you still, safe and happy

like quicksand

I don’t sink.

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