We stayed there
Stood still whilst it ate us whole
Frozen from fear
We transfused blood from heart’s turned cold

So it was, when we tried to move
We broke a leg
Luck was scarce, optimism far removed
Eyes filled with hope stalled. Dead

Run, lover run

And don’t look back
For fear of becoming stone
The brown of my eyes now coal-black
And the chills from the night causing a quake in my bones

Run, let the wind carry you

Trade the heat for the chill
Let the harmattan mimic the winter in my sternum
Will I ever love you? Maybe when the ink dries from the quill
Or when the leaves turn ember with reckless abandon

Warri is just like Seattle this time of year
So Run, it will rain and it will turn to snow
it will feed the forest giving you more grass to sheer
And erase the drought you used to know

There’s ice, staring intently at my chest
Ice turning joints black and ruining feet
So run, set your heels to haste
The rains will not cease until we’re beneath

Run fast, far
For it comes swiftly
Leaving you wanting

Come hither
Hold on
Lest you fall
The ride is turbulent
Dangerous inconsistency

Do not run
Grab my hand
See through my eyes

It’s the fire, warm
To thaw your frozen ribcage

Hope a little longer
Fear not
Let go
Let the rains drench you

Hold still
The way up is down

Perfection is not promised
Wholeness in losing yourself to me

Don’t run, stand in the rains with me.

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