The Lunch Lady

The Lunch Lady

Does it not get tiring?

This routine of the stare and look away

The slow gaze that trails from my feet to my messy hair


Do you intend to get better at it?


Masking the want in your voice when we sing our duet

When we pretend to pass the time with conversation

But we know it’s a symphony our lips conduct and our eyes but keep us a metronome apart

Enough distance to steal my heart but too far to steal a kiss


Do you wish I didn’t just sit here?


When I can clearly see you bite your bottom lip

When it’s obvious my shields are down when you smile

‘Cause it took a lot for you to switch tables during lunch

It felt more mysterious when we had distance now the table’s turned

Now I don’t have to imagine how full your bosoms look beneath your shirt

Now you’re sitting here

Close enough it scares me


Do you wish to fan the flames then?


Our kisses will smelt the room around us

Our lazy touches will raze our clothing

Our laboured breathing slowly feeding the pyre of bodies

Our climaxes like molten lava flowing and setting the village on the sheets ablaze


Don’t just sit there

Say something

Don’t leave me again in a daydream

Say you’ll stay until it’s a nightmare and I want nothing with you

Don’t disappear in a cloud of reality, a puff of smoke


It’s lunch time again Agnes

I say to you in my mind

Hoping you hear, somehow

I’m at our spot

Why don’t you just sit at my table and wake me from my daydream?

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