Wanted Dead or Alive

Wanted Dead or Alive

Who wants the president dead and who wants him alive? The current situation we find ourselves as a nation is a very uncertain one. How can we have a president who we don’t know his current state of health not to mention his whereabouts? This is Deja vu all over again. I know you know we’ve been here before.

If somebody questions my existence, vitality or even my cognizance, I’m very sure nothing would be more important than proving that fellow wrong. I would most likely pay that fellow a visit rather than writing a letter, I would record a live video instead of snapping a photo!

The president has been out of the country on undisclosed reasons and was slated to return on the 6th of February but 2 official excuses have been issued as regards the reason for his delay. Alhaji (let’s ignore his first name) Mohammed said it was issues with the presidential jet (he really thinks Nigerians are very stupid). While Femi Adesina said the president wants to complete his medical (as a new signing for an undisclosed Premier League club) before coming back!

Now let’s examine these flimsy excuses.

  • The issue of the jet: How can a presidential jet, the foremost and most important jet in Nigeria develop a technical fault when it is to be used for a scheduled trip? A trip that has been planned out from the moment he planned on moving to London. If a British airways commercial plane lands today, it can be prepped for takeoff within 2-3 hours. So how can a presidential jet which has everything required for maintenance develop a problem just when the president was expected to return?
  • The secret medical: The presidency denied seriously that the president was sick and in London for medical treatment, they stated that he was hale and hearty and was just in London for vacation. How come there’s a complete turnaround when the President was scheduled to come back? How come he’s in a hospital all of a sudden? I myself have never had public funds to go on a vacation but people, is that how they usually end? In hospitals? This is the third vacation the president has had so far and he has not spent 2 years in office. Who’s footing the bill for these trips after he gave an executive order that no government official should go abroad in an official capacity for medical leave? This is just a joke!

We can’t protest (that issue is for another day), we no longer have opposition, you talk too much and ‘the agency’ would visit you, but since I’m writing let me deviate a little to talk about the deadness of this government. Whether the president returns or not won’t mean anything since the policies of this government are on life support. Everything they’ve touched has died (argue with yourself) and I would point to two glaring aspects: the anticorruption war, which just died with the exoneration of Babachir Lawal and Maman Daura; the other is the economy which experts have concluded that failed policies and not solely the price of crude sank the naira and thus economy. In fact, I’d add a third which is the power situation which the current administration said can be fixed in six months by a ‘serious government’. Two years later and they’re still playing the blame game.

If our legislators are sensible people who mean well for this country, they should pass a vote of no confidence on the president which would give him unlimited time to do all the medicals he needs and maybe ‘sign’ for another club, sorry country. The president owes us a sense of civility and responsibility by doing the obvious and saving us the suspense.

God help Nigeria!

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  1. Wonderful piece of intelligence right there! I totally agree with you. Honestly, Nigeria is in serious trouble. if we do not retrace our steps in the coming months, a state of emergency will be inevitable. May God help us oh!

    1. Powerful Piece. Thank God I belong to the Vibrant and Visionary lineage in this Generation that knows the essence of Quality Leadership.

      Thanks Grant. Your voice is clear.

  2. Beautiful, intelligently honest piece, he just might sign with Chelsea, we need a president of sound body and mind, remember how a simple ear infection took forever to treat the other time, you can’t have one foot on the other side and rule Nigeria

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