You are my escape

The fare for my travels

You are my home

My safety; the cure for my troubles


Springs of water for my thirst

Furry warmth when my bones freeze

My equal, the match to my fire

My apothecary; healing for my disease


You are my escape

When nights are as troubled as stormy seas

You shield me from the nightmares

You dose me with undiluted fantasy


Meadows of beauty for my musing

Acres of lined lilac when I lose track

My lover, the custodian of my heart

My other; part of my soul I can never take back


You are my escape

From the woes I incur daily

From merely existing

You are my peace, stalling my insanity


Hugs to replace straight jackets

Caresses instead of sedatives

You alone feed my longing

You are my escape, steal me away my fellow fugitive


You are my karma

Eyes that must have stolen a thousand hearts

Now sworn to reach into mine in a dance of gazes

My reward for staring long enough into the dark


The exercise my heart needs

Running in the murk of your mind

Chasing rainbows for the promise of treasure

A pot of gold I didn’t have to mine


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