Perfectionism oh Perfectionism

I was swayed by your subtleness

Caught up in the web of your deception

Stalled in stern pursuit of you

Your dictates left me bereft of the fragrance of true love


You flooded my mind with fascinating images

Images that could never be

Cloud nine became my natural habitat

You set me on a pathway that burst into a broader way having no end

And I strayed endlessly in search of your model


Day after day, I came across females of all sorts

The good, the bad and the ugly

And unsuspectingly, I viewed them with your lenses firmly fixed on the sockets of my eyes

But none seemed to make it through my scrutiny

Why is Love so hard to find? I pondered.


Your futile chase got my frustration burgeoning to unprecedented heights

It seemed like my senses were awoken from profound slumber

One by one, I chopped off my list till it faded into oblivion

My eyes suddenly opened to pragmatism

And I realised I had been fooled by your unfounded fantasies


Free from the obsession of Perfectionism

Thankfully my protracted search is over

Look whom I’m in love with now, a stark contrast to your implausible model

True love does not reside in the space of Perfectionism I finally figured

Love is simply a strong resolve to commit in spite of one’s partner’s fragilities.

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