Breathing Underwater

Breathing Underwater

I believe in miracles, because it’s a miracle I’m here.

Moved from the angry mob, with the speed of the whirlwind.

Something like flying, hard to describe it… My God, I’m breathing underwater!

Like a thin sheet wrapping me, your hands are

I should be drowning, but I’m breathing underwater.

I have crystal clear vision, I should be choking, but your hand resting on my waist won’t let me.

I should leave, because my home is the other way, but I like the feeling of breathing underwater.

My mouth opens, water isn’t flooding my lungs, and your lips against mine keeps the water at bay.

Your kiss is the anchor holding tethering the boundary between life and death.

The sound of the water lures me, its enchanting song tempts me to let go and drink, but you hold on to me…. You help me breathe underwater.

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