I wish I had the strength
To let go of my past life ‎
Of insecurity and
Emotional dependency

But at night when
I lay my head to sleep
Next to you
You’re not here to fight my demons

So I made a truce with
The terrors in my head
If they promised to
Fill the hole in my heart

And just like that
I made fairytale from
Creatures that reside
In the deepest part of hell

Tired of waiting for the
Knight in shining armor
To shield me from the edge
Of sanity, so I jumped

Took a leap of faith and
Plunged into murky waters
Filled with my worst fears
Eager to welcome me, and I was ready.

For I quit dreaming ‎
For a better option since‎
My nightmares make sense and
They are here when I wake up

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