Give Me Something

Give Me Something

I had held the head of my idol in my arms as life drained from him….

I got caught up in the twist and twirls of life after that, the worship for my idol were devoted to the bottle and its golden glistening nectar.

I have nothing to believe in….

I had watched as the ailment drained life from my goddess…

A little puff and a little sniff, was enough to keep me numb, and help me through the day,

But how I would love to feel, I mean really really feel it all.

I need something to believe in…

I fell in love with fear,

It’s not easy being here.

Somebody, anybody please give me something, I can believe in.

I get so sick of the dreams that plague me, constantly reminding me of what was, and what could have been.

The days have gone by rapidly, some days hazy, some days blurred.

Talking would help, the books said, but my mirror is fed up of the stories, from different angles. But still I feel nothing.

I need something, anything to believe in, maybe that would help.


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