I’m sorry
I made you feel
Like fairy tales were more
Than stories

I gave you
Cause to believe
Forever didn’t end and
Angels were like me and you

I held your hands
Through the pain of
Rebuilding the crumbled walls
Of your castle of sand

I lent wind
To the spark you
Nurture within
Your eyes; the undying glint

I fed you a lie
As old as time when
I said this was any different
From your list of past guys

I say this now
’cause it feels like
You’re already stuck
In my apartment on the outskirts of town

I can’t afford
To have you leave and
Hate everything you’ve come
To love and adore

So today I’m on
A mission to clean my slate
Of past and current lovers
’cause really I’m done

I love you
And now I don’t say it with ease
Or a smile across my face ’cause I’m
Tired of lying to you

I love that
You’re staring at me
With eyes I know have seen
Too much hurt, no more of that

No more of the lies
I’m done trying to fight
The butterflies dancing
On my insides

No more
I let you into my bed
But now I want you
In my heart’s eternal store.

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