Sometimes I get lonely and some days you don’t know me. Days go by slowly, time stands with me in the memories of yesteryears. The picture frame won’t let go of my hand, the scent of your old t-shirt won’t let spring air in.

Sometimes I get lonely and some days I don’t know me. The mirror won’t stop lying to me, and it shows a reflection different from the pictures. My clothes have conspired against me, none fits.

Some days I get lonely, I wish you’d just hold me, but let’s stop wasting all of our energy; I know you felt the changes, it’s nothing new. It’s been this blue for ages.

Don’t lie to me, I know you felt the changes, it didn’t get this blue this morning, it’s been so for ages. Trying to figure out why some days hurt more than others, is like asking the rain to sing above the thunder. Baby, I’m outta here….

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