Romantic Tragedy

Romantic Tragedy

Who will lend a heart
To a dying soul?
When all but shards
Reside in his chest

Why do I fall the hardest
For those with hearts to
Spare and none to give
When it matters most

Why is love for me
A ticking time bomb
Rigged to blow
From the first kiss

Where is my fairytale
In the‎ midst of the tragedy
Of the stumble and fall
Routine I call romance

Will it ever end
This life of Unrequited
Affection and love
That I freely give

Or am I bound to a loop
Of run, jump and diving
Headfirst into a ditch
Of depression and regret

I love you so much
But you make me
So sad
I cry as we kiss

Tears washing away
The smell of your skin
Off of mine and
Flooding the pit in my gut

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