Too Late

Too Late

I lost you
On a night
Of truth
And tears.

You left
The keys
To the apartment
Under the mat.

I keep thinking
Maybe you left it
So you could
Find shelter here.

But I lie
To myself daily that
You’d want to stay
Still in my heart.

I lost me
As you walked away
And shut the door
And I’ve found no sleep since.

The clouds mimic
My eyes when they pour incessantly
For you left me
To drown in this waterfall.

I lost faith
In all I believed in
But somehow
I feel punished for my sins.

I have sinned
Let my eyes wander and feed
The lust in my chest that’s been
Trapped like an animal.

Take my hand
I can only take so much distance from you
Halt the voices in my head
Clamouring for my death.

Is all I get
From the tombstone that is now your home.

I lost you
And you gave yourself
To the cold embrace of death
Before I could erase my err’s

It’s late now
And I’ve got to go but
I’ll be back to be by your side
Where I truly belong.

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