At My Future’s Threshold…


Time has brought me upon this doorstep
an unwilling infant forced forth by a midwife’s forceps.
The traveler has come upon a hallway thus
on both sides a dozen and a hundred doors.

a step in the present and the other hovering
at future’s doorstep I dither lingering
about what lies beyond, I linger wondering.
izit a veldt or an eden?, discovery or oblivion?

hamstrung by ambivalence I tarry waiting
and with the babel in my head I dally debating,
the only one thing I know, I know for certain

that behind every door lies another
hallway thus and behind that other, another
like branches on trees
ramified like veins on leaves.

I’m faced with most uneasy a choice
and I miss the days when we were but boys,
Ma says to leave the calves and walk with bulls?
My fine man come; you must fill your Da’s shoes,
She says to cast away all my lad’s toys..
And trade them all for a grown man’s tools.

Alas the choice must fast be made
fore I’m cut short by morte’s swift blade
perhaps I’ll see my path’s end
fore I tread the path every man must tread.

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