I sat there counting the coins in my cup
Who will bring an end to my suffering?
will you pay for my sins?
I say to a man in corduroy shorts

I shake the cup, as I’ve always done
Hopefully its music excite the ears
Of the numb passersby
will you buy me a place in heaven?

The feet shuffle past hurriedly
The air was nippy
And had a  chill that rattled my old bones
do you have spare time to save your souls?

I shake the cup again loudly
And the skies responded with thunderings
who then will bear my iniquities?
Women undid and tightened their wrappers

Thoughts ran through my head
As feet began now to stampede
seek ye first its righteousness
It was about to rain, didn’t need sight to see

come onto me all ye that are cumbered with a load of care
lay it all at my feet

I begged for change
Hopefully a meal after today’s proceedings
All was well until my cup got knocked out of my hand
All I had was the sound of the metal clanking

come onto me, my yoke is easy

I crawled towards the clanking of the cup
Feet kicking and stamping making it go this way and that
Followed it until I was at the feet of one I didn’t need eyes to see

He held me up
And gave me the change I sought badly for.

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